Stacy Ungar

       CSL Fitness Kickboxing is taught by Stacy Ungar, a well-
established martial arts instructor with a great deal of teaching
experience. Stacy began his study of the martial arts in 1989
with traditional Shotokan karate. Although currently a 5th level black
belt in karate, Stacy has also studied many other martial arts such as
judo, aikido, escrima, and of course, kickboxing. Stacy was drawn to
kickboxing because of its more modern approach to training. Kickboxing
methodology is very direct and efficient, and the inherent cardio
benefits of training are very appealing to those who wish to learn the
fundamentals of punching and kicking. Stacy combines his knowledge of
the martial arts with the core principles of fitness training to create an
intense regimen that is both fun and challenging.

CSL Fitness Kickboxing
Quartier Cavendish
5800 Cavendish Boulevard (Block Y - Room 101)
Cote St-Luc, QC H4W 2T5

Stacy Ungar :         (514) 708-7839
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