What is Fitness Kickboxing

            Kickboxing is well known as a competitive full contact sport. It is a great
    form of exercise that also offers realistic self-defense benefits. However,
    most people are not interested in the actual sparring because this often
    leads to injury. So Fitness Kickboxing is simply the practice of kickboxing
    techniques without any actual sparring or combat. At CSL Fitness Kickboxing,
    we combine elements of aerobic and anaerobic training to achieve an
    awesome workout while learning how to kick and punch. Although most of
    the class is spent on impact training, called “padwork," you can also expect to
    do a lot of push-ups, crunches, squats, and a variety of other exercises.
    Training at CSL Fitness Kickboxing will get you in shape, keep you healthy,
    and teach you how to protect yourself!

        Why You Should Practice at
           CSL Fitness Kickboxing

Because it’s fun!  CSL Fitness kickboxing is really geared for people who
want to learn the basic skills of punching and kicking but who can’t risk getting
injured through combat training. It is also appealing to those who are just
searching for something different. CSL Fitness Kickboxing is more than just an
exercise routine. It involves learning a whole skill set of techniques that can prove
useful not only in the class but also in everyday life. If you want to learn how to
defend yourself without the fear of getting hurt, and get a great workout at the
same time, then look no further. Perhaps you are looking for a new way to burn
calories, or maybe you just need an outlet to let off some steam and get rid of
some stress, why not come and try a free class?

Warning: There is no combat training at CSL Fitness Kickboxing. For those
interested in ring-fighting or competitive sparring, you should look elsewhere.
And although we definitely work on cardio, CSL Fitness Kickboxing is not an
aerobics class. Punches and kicks are delivered at full speed, fast and furiously for
very short rounds. This is a high impact activity with no dance or dance-like
moves, and NO MUSIC.


"I did kickboxing a while back... The contact was brutal, I couldn't keep it
up... Now I don't have to worry about all of the injuries anymore."
- George, Engineer

"After work, I'm so stressed out, I feel like I'm gonna explode. So I go to kickboxing
and let it all out."
- Jessica, Marketing Manager

"At the end of the day, all I want to do is hit something...
Yeah, I love hitting the pads."
- Rebecca, Store Clerk

"I just want to keep my self-confidence up, you know, knowing that I can protect
myself if I had to."
- Mark, Student

"Kickboxing is just cool."
- Rita, Lawyer